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Adauga in cos Description: Fully revised and updated throughout, the fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology now includes free access to the ophthalmic online media prolesan pure pareri, a selection of high-quality fat burning fingerprint reviews images and videos for a wide breadth of key ophthalmic diseases.

Clear, concise, and practical, this handbook provides immediate access to the detailed clinical information you need, in casualty, clinic, theatre, and on the wards. The core of the book comprises a systematic synopsis of ophthalmic disease directed towards diagnosis, interim assessment, and ongoing management.

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Assessment boxes for common clinical conditions and algorithms for important clinical presentations illustrate this practical approach. The information is easily accessible, presented in a clear format with areas of importance highlighted.

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The wider practise of eye-care is supported by expanded chapters on Refractive Ophthalmology, Vision in Context, Evidence Based Ophthalmology and Resources for Ophthalmologists. Now including newer treatments across a range of specialities such as SMILE, gene-therapy and retinal prostheses, as well as greater emphasis on the evidence underlying current clinical practice and guidelines, this handbook has never been more essential for all those working in eye-care.

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Whether you want to learn about patient-reported outcomes, identify a surgical instrument, interpret a statistical test, or diagnose and treat ophthalmic emergencies, you will find it here. Whatever your role in caring for patients with eye disease: ophthalmologist, optometrist, orthoptist, ophthalmic nurse, or other health profession - discover for yourself why this handbook has become the 'go-to' resource for tens of thousands of eye-care professionals around the world.

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