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Within the project, the assistance will be provided to central authorities and particularly to local actors from 10 mayoralties with the purpose to enhance climate resilience; support the implementation of pilot measures on adaptation to climate change, which will be identified in the course of the project; and to learn how to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem.

The project will be implemented in the Lower Prut area, which is located in the Southern part of the Republic of Moldova and includes the Prut River and naturally flooded lakes. A lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate that stretches along the Prut River covers a mosaic of water ecosystems, meadows, and forests.


The objective and tasks of the assignment: The Biosphere Reserve "Prutul de Jos" was established by law in It is located in the South-Western part of Moldova, along the lower course of the Prut River The Lower Prut Lakes were officially recognized in as wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, and the protected area is the first one in Moldova which has gained international UNESCO status in Two-thirds of the area are occupied by Lake Beleu, a wetland area that extends along the Prut River, covering a mosaic of water, meadow and diamond slimming ltd ecosystems.

Protecting areas rich in biodiversity is the most common and most important strategy for biodiversity conservation, water resource management and for the prevention of land degradation. The Biosphere Reserve "Prutul de Jos" was established to represent and protect specific natural features, species, and communities. However, as temperature, precipitation, and incidences of wildfires change, species are moving, plant and animal communities are being reassembled, and unique landscapes are altered or are facing the risk of extinction.

lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate

A Climate Vulnerability Assessment CVA will be organized in the first phase of project implementation to prioritize project interventions in the area as well as to mainstream the identified measures lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate local development policies. The methodologies available for such assessment cf. IUCN and similar organizations should be tailored to the local needs and available data, and a methodological approach with the outline of the report will be developed as the first step of the assessment.

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Since this will be a first-time experience for protected areas in the Republic of Moldova, a round of discussion with national-level authorities is foreseen, once the methodology is developed, in order to validate its applicability for the Biosphere Reserve and other similar areas in the future.

Proposed methodology should be in line with the provision of Environmental, Gender and Social Impact Manual of the Austrian development Cooperation [1].

This should rely on the evidence-based approach and tools, and be based on validated data and methodologies various techniques of vulnerability assessment, climate change projections, etc.

Preliminary cases for the possible conflicts for analysis will be provided after the social perception survey to be conducted first half together with a group of national experts.

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Ensure that recommendations provided have cost estimation, criteria-based prioritization and relevant entity for their implementation together with a group of national experts. To the extent possible, ensure the collection of disaggregated gender,disability, income and ethnicity where possible and geo-referenced data.

For conducting the CVA process a group of experts will be selected, consisting of an international expert team leader and local experts on biodiversity, hydrology, DRR and climate change, social inclusion and gender issues.

lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate

The task of the International expert will be leading a team of selected national experts, that will be contracted by EcoContact. The team leader will provide methodological guidance and overall support to the expert team.


Management arrangements The international expert will be leading a group of local experts, all deliverables that are indicated in these ToR will be developed jointly by the team. All deliverables submitted should be coordinated with the representative of Austrian Development Agency ADA responsible for supervision of the current project.

It is expected that the international expert will have two missions to Moldova to present the methodological approach and the document. All other work will be done home based. The Report will be available online on EcoContact website.

lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate

At least 10 years of relevant experience in the area of climate change adaptation or mitigationdisaster risk reduction, livelihoods or a related field, in particular with vulnerable populations and in a rural and urban context. Experience in developing environment and sustainable development policies in the context of adaptation to climate change is an asset.

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Ability to analyze, plan, communicate effectively orally and in writing,solve problems, adapt to different cultural, economic, political and social environments; Experience in working in teams and leading multi-national teams; Proven written and oral communication skills in English. Working knowledge of Russian or Romanian language will be a strong advantage; How to apply: Bidders must submit the following documents in English: The CV of the expert:The CV of the expert should reflect the relevant experience in the area of assignment, and at least three references of the previous CVAs conducted.

Financial offerfor the implementation of the assignment including travel costs two missions to the Republic of Moldova.

lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate

Proposed work plan for the assignment,that confirms availability and approach for the implementation of assignment. Please send the documents with the indication of the Lot in the subject line before March 17, to the email address of procurari ecocontact.

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All bidders will receive the confirmation of the registration via email message. Candidates with the highest accumulated score will be invited interview.

lifetime 60 de zile challenge leaderboard pierdere în greutate

PhD degree — 15 pts. Maximum: 20 points.