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Press the button repeatedly until the arrow appears under the desired weight. Programme 1: Regular For white and mixed slim în jos artilya mainly consisting of wheat flour or rye flour. The bread has a compact consistency. The baking times are dependant on the selected Programme combinations. See the chapter "Programme sequence. Programme 2: French For light breads from well-milled flour. As a rule, the bread is light and has a crispy crust.

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Note: The default setting when switching the appliance on is g. You cannot adjust the bread weight with the Programmes 6, 7, 11 and Programmme 3: Whole Wheat For breads made from robust flours, e.

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The bread will be more compact and heavy. Programmme 4: Sweet For breads with ingredients like fruit juices, coconut flakes, raisins, dried fruit, chocolate or additional sugar. Due to an extended rising phase the bread will be lighter and airier.

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Memory Function When being switched on again after a power failure of up to approx. Programmme 5: Super Rapid Less time is required for kneading, rising and baking.

For this Programme, however, use only such recipes that do not contain any heavy ingredients or heavy varieties of flour.

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Note that in this programme the bread is less aerated and may not be quite so tasty. You can observe the baking process through the window. For the preparation of yeast dough for buns, pizza or plaits.

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In this Programme no baking is done. The ingredients will not be crushed by the kneading paddle.

Va manca fructe pentru micul dejun va ajuta sa slabiti

If you have set the timer, you can put all the ingredients into the baking slim în jos artilya at the beginning. In this case, however, fruits and nuts should be cut into smaller pieces before inserting them. Programmme 7: Pasta For the preparation of pasta dough. Programmme 8: Buttermilk bread For breads made with buttermilk or yoghurt. Programme 9: Gluten Free For breads made of gluten-free flours and baking mixtures.

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Gluten-free flours require longer for the absorption of liquids and have differing rising properties. When you wish to bake gluten-free breads, ensure that you clean the mouldthe dough hook and the appliance aplicația pic pic thoroughly. Even small residual amounts of flour can cause an allergic reaction in gluten-sensitive people.

Timer-Function The timer function allows you to do time-delayed baking. The maximum time delay amounts to 15 hours.

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Programmme Cake In this programe the ingredients are kneaded, allowed to rise and then baked. Use baking powder for this programme. For making jams, preserves, jellies and fruit spreads. For the after-baking of breads that are not brown enough, not baked through or ready-made dough. All kneading and rising processes are dispensed with in this programme.

The bread is kept warm for up to one hour after the baking process. This prevents the bread from becoming too moist.

Programmme 12 bakes the bread for 60 minutes. To switch the appliance off, remove the power plug from the wall socket. Before you bake a particular type of bread with time delay first try out the recipe under observation, to ensure that the relationships of the ingredients to each other are correct, the dough is not too firm or too thin, and that the amounts are not too large and could possibly overflow.

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Risk of fire! Select a Programme. The first activation pushes the completion time back to the next full interval of 10 minutes.

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You can accelerate this procedure by holding the button pressed down. The display shows you the whole period of the baking time and delay time. NEVER use quantities larger than those specified.

Too much dough could rise out of idealica cseppek baking mould drop onto the hot heating elements and cause a fire. It is a. Ensure that you measure the ingredients precisely. Even negligible deviations from the quantities specified in the recipe may affect the baking results.

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